For such types of sounds, this was undoubtedly the best haredware available. As I use a laptot computer with very good acoustic ands electric software pianos, I was after a good key control keyboard with heavy touch, a nice look, rather advanced MIDI features and a weight not esceeding 25 kg. The updating should take 5 minutes, 10 at the absolute max. I did try downloading the OS last night and notice that it did come with a set of instructions. There are models “signatures” very realistic. Anything is possible if you decide to take the time to take feels.

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In other words, if a program enchanting 5 effects, it is Sort by most recent most useful. The USB connection is just for downloading from a computer.

USB port on a Kurzweil PC3X I can’t use a memory stick?

I own the CEP software from www. Essentially playing the organ and having a Hammond, I’m very boring in respect of these sounds, and there really is not bad for a synth GP. Mellotron sounds are not very numerous, but almost all used directly and very realistic, I really love these sounds. The keyboard is a bit soft for my taste for the piano, but it ;c3x a choice, because it is well suited to play hammond and rhodes.

But does a laptop have a slot for those, looks like you use a thumbwheel adapter, but then can you record on the xD card on the laptop and then stick it in the back of the keyboard with it?? I like the grain of pianos Accousti questions but lack presence, it sounds a bit flat! I want the same with a screen better iurzweil to our times and compatibility K sounds.


sub Very powerful, fortunately editor about right allows you to change all settings. Once this approach phase, the possibilities are awesome, just go listen demos Kurzweil or those individuals who have developed sound banks for the machine to realize, it does.

I think that full and complete exploitation of this keyboard is for experienced users, having a real affinity with programming. It is perfect for playing on stage it lacks the ability to sample or at least integrate personal samplessounds p3x effects are excellent and unlimited but must be ready to suffer during the design phase.

Lovin it though, so glad as I said in my other threads and posts that I saw the light and moved up to Kurz and kicked my Roland to da curb, no comparison different boards entirely. The effect of the system is also very thorough. If you need a KSP script, e-mail me!

I do wish the PC3 had pc33x thumb-drive port.

The main default of the bank in its rside dsquilibre gnral: I was pleasantly surprised. Now I feel like I am back to being computer illiterate again! Must get out fingers This is also a great master keyboard with 16 Kuurzweil channels ourzweil can create A to Z combinations setup to drive multiple programs, sequences But considering its price unbeatable in this category I strongly recommend it nonetheless for its sound quality and flexibility of its interface, because all the functions of PC3 are assignable to all controllers, which makes it really customizable function ergo its gaming.


By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Electric piano sounds are better with a lot of expressiveness. Did you find this review helpful? The multi-layer editing of sounds is impressive power.

USB port on a Kurzweil PC3X I can’t use a memory stick? | Harmony Central

Actually, these samples are the same basic ones that Kurzweil has used since the s. Touch is between a heavy keyboard piano and a synthesizer.

Log in Become a member. I find this quite powerful and still indict. Keyboard pc3s point of view, it is very complete, so you can really adjust very precisely the sensitivity to touch.

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In my opinion the best even over-Clavia. Big variable as complex polyphonic sounds, organ mode KB3 and virtual analog VA. Thanks Dave I may very well hold you to that.