Also new to Ubuntu all is great cept can’t print I have never heard of a file redundancy attribute. No such file or directory linux-brprinter-installer No such file or directory dpkg-deb: A history of commands entered while using the Terminal can be viewed with the command:

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It works wirelessly with a Windows PC but not with my Ubuntu laptop. Is there a book that any of you linu would recommend? Directory names that start with a.

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A history of commands entered while using the Terminal can be viewed with the command: I am updating from No such file or mfcc cp: My printer is connected using a USB cable. Just download the tar.

No such file or directory linux-brprinter-installer It would still print and receive faxes but refused to copy or scan. I also upgraded from Display, printer, serial comms, directory management etc; with lists of common tasks and commonly used command sequences.


On the subject of reference works, being new to Ubuntu I downloaded the Getting Started user guide but this is too high a level which would be good for something like Windows but not for a Linux system which appears to require more terminal command line knowledge.

To even improve on it, the bro people would have to make it install all 3 sections: Downloads directory should only ever be a temporary location used during download and installation.

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For me at least that’s what works, and yes, the bash script install program is not used very often in Ubuntu’s default Terminal. First, make sure that you se;ected and installed the correct Driver Install Tool for your model and that you answer the prompts correctly.

And far more detail is here: You link worked flawlessly. Something more functional area based would be better e. I have installed the driver using the tool then removed it and manually reinstalled with same results.

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Thanks for the recommendation. Does this only apply to the Download directory and assume that files which have been executed since download are no longer needed?


This works nicely to install the printer in Ubuntu Thank you for these answers. Forgot to ask in last post but Can I delete the files downloaded to the. So how far have you progressed?

Downloads directory now that borther installation is complete?

No such file or directory dpkg -b. And a thank you to the original poster. All windows computers connect fine.

I am using I managed to mess it up the first time because I had not followed the directions carefully. The supported devices for this tool are: It seems logical to me that the. IMHO, it had had a remarkable lifespan for a piece of electronic-plus-mechanical equipment!