While in grad school. The RCM Sensor 2 turns sound into music! I know this sounds silly but I mean this quite literally. As with some hornloaded designs, the Lamhorns like to be goosed to sound their best. Or write an editorial.

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I’m also a late-night listener with a family and no way to completely isolate my room from the rest of the house.

If your amplifier tends towards lean, you’ll get Jack Sprat coming out of your speakers. My cabinets suited both drivers equally well.

Or write an editorial. Typically, you get some muffling, smearing and the overall scale shrinks.

BD-Design – Only the best!

Reconing is the replacement of not only the membrane, but also the complete driver. A rave with a touch of rant So yes, m1 is about as much of a rave as I’ve yet been tempted to rant. They need room to breath. Since I’d be reviewing one iteration, I asked Robert for comments on some of the other drivers.

I then experimented with shorter cabinets playing with different horn lengths to finish off at 1. Oh how I wish I had a bigger room.

AER “S-1” Full Range Speaker | 10 Audio

But I can tell you that this project in its current form is a “no-go”. These drivers are FAST! At lbs apiece, the Lamhorns wer stilettos would love to couple with unprotected floors.


The listener is carried along with the grace and power of aet performance. It really is a question of system ser and taste. After that, it’s a free for all. The Winterpills’ [sig ] self-titled debut release has an air of ear, a sweet sadness.

Focal Sopra No1 Loudspeaker. The PS Audio Stellar S delivers such a fine sound quality that the low purchase price is an out-of-this-world value. So let’s just say that the combination of remembrance and presentation held my attention during a flood of warm memories. The Pro Thunder power cable is a great product that provides a noticeable and very cost effective system upgrade which has increased my enjoyment of and connection to the music. Banish another veil, and all that.

If your amp is bloomy and peaky in the midrange, expect exactly that presentation with bass the size and shape of a deflating hot air balloon. The great sound, light weight and flexible cabling makes extended listening a real pleasure. For me, dB peaks at the listening seat is loud enough, so m,1 B amps will be more than sufficient.

Less weight, improved coil geometry and the magnetic strength of neodymium are not the only performance advantages offered by these magnets. Either could – and did – provide enjoyable listening for a long time. Unfortunately we cannot offer spare parts for sale, nor can we repair loudspeakers other than our own.


For anyone with a score card, I’d pick the Fi A as the all-around amplifier for everything and anything you want to throw its way. Papageno prances around the room fleet of foot and Tamino is chesty and willful. So it required repositioning the driver a little higher in the cabinet. For small Jazz on vinyl, this was a killer combination. What I mean to suggest is that the sheer amount of detail and razor-like precision may be just too much for some ser taste.

To some, the upper midrange peak in the presence region is fine while others find it objectionable.

I must admit my favorite driver is the AER MK1 but in some systems where the amps are a little soft, the Lowthers and Reps can do wonders.

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