Doesn’t work with GeForce 4 Ti Black, Fast And Lean. An LED strip on the board gives you status reports. Intel G With Top Performance. View of the Asus P4BV, which showed the best performance in this test. The colorful interfaces and slots, which are particularly popular in the Asian market, are striking.

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The Mother Board • View topic – iG-ITE – Can it be so difficult

No modifications have been undertaken since manufacture. In the benchmark scores, Acorp doesn’t cut such a bad figure: The Jetway Web site is not always online.

Through aggressive memory timing, the Asus board displayed the best performance in the test. Test basis for all boards: Dual BIOS achieved by plugging in a small board. Taiwan MLCC makers go mainstream and give up niche production.

Acorp 4DG drivers

Return to Motherboard Identification Forum. Bluetooth Included, Low Price Page An earnest look auxio OEMs. This board is geared towards price-conscious customers, who also get a spiffy tote bag along with the board itself. The only thing that helped was to downgrade the BIOS to version 1. Only the specific drivers from that secondary provider may work. Back to the latest test: Noteworthy is the sound chip from Creative CT with six-channel audio, which is completed with an optical-out on the slot bracket.


For the duration of the testing process, the QDI did not run into any problems.

From our experience, the only other manufacturers that offer a similar design and quality are Fujitsu-Siemens and QDI. This is the best, most creative packaging in the entire test field – however, it is not a factor in the test itself!

Acorp should definitely address this problem with its next BIOS update.

Once again, Aopen does without a slot bracket for the second COM port, and it does not offer an additional USB cable, so users will have to ajdio an expensive one at the electronics store. The colorful interfaces and slots, which are particularly popular in the Asian market, are striking.

Cinema 4D XL 7 Page The benchmark results look a bit bleak though: Features Table Page The Boards Page 5: The manufacturer came up with an absolute hit a few years ago with excellent Socket 7 boards.

Windows SP 2, Build English. MSI is not top notch in terms of performance: Subscribe to our newsletter. The program needed for this is available on the manufacturer’s support pages.


The Mother Board

The board layout has space for a Promise RAID controller, including additional IDE interfaces, although the version we tested did not come with these components. Especially striking are the SMD-style fixed voltage regulators, as well as the small number of capacitors, which are needed aforp control the voltage.

Within the industry, DFI is well-known for its very reasonable prices. Overclocking software for greenhorns: Out of all the motherboards tested in Part I of this comparison, Gigabyte offers the best features: